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Making a Difference: How To Contribute to Healthy Vision in the Developing World

What I was in my 20s, I spent some time living in Guatemala. I worked at an eye care mission and saw first-hand how even the most basic care could make an unbelievable difference in someone's life, particularly someone living in a developing country. My experiences in Guatemala played a…

Published: 2020-02-20Read Article
How Supporting Local Businesses Impacts Everyone

Over the last few years, we've seen a lot of local Airdrie businesses close their doors. As a local business owner and a proud member of the Airdrie community, it makes me sad to see so many awesome Airdrie stores, restaurants, and more go under. Lately, I've been trying to support…

Published: 2019-12-24Read Article
Visual Problems in Kids Affect More Than Just Learning

80% of learning is visual, which is why optometrists try to stress the importance of eye exams for kids. But as a parent and optometrist, I think we’re focusing too much on a single facet of a multi-faceted issue. The reality is that vision affects your child in every area…

Published: 2019-11-06Read Article
The Myopia Epidemic: Why Parents Should Manage Screen Time

Vision is a crucial part of the learning process. In fact, research indicates that approximately 80% of learning is visual. Regardless of your child's age, they rely on their eyesight to help them reach developmental milestones, keep up with peers academically, and even pick up on social cues. However, the…

Published: 2019-10-18Read Article
Learning Disabilities & How They Relate to Vision

It's no secret that vision problems can severely disable a child's vision problem. But what happens if your child has vision issues and another learning disability? Research shows that children with learning disabilities are actually more likely to suffer from vision problems. Unfortunately, the symptoms associated with many learning disabilities often…

Published: 2019-10-08Read Article