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Helping Your Child See Clearly

We know visiting the eye doctor can be a little intimidating for children, but we also know that comfortable vision plays a critical role in your child’s learning and development. Clear vision is the ultimate superpower! Our team strives to make your child’s eye exam fun and enjoyable and we welcome all superheroes aged 6 months and up.

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Kid-Friendly Exams

We understand children have unique needs when it comes to eye exams. Our optometrists use kid-friendly techniques with the goal of making eye exams fun and engaging. We use eye charts with pictures and shapes, and we encourage your child to participate in the exam by asking questions and giving feedback.

Innovative Technology

By using modern technology, we can help your child feel more comfortable during their appointment. Take a look at some of the incredible technology we use here at Airdrie Family Eye Doctor:


This special technology helps with visual field testing, saves time and delivers cutting edge precision and reliability. Your Childs eyesight is one of their greatest tools, so we use the best technology to ensure their vision is the best it can be as well!

OCT uses an innovative camera that takes a picture of your child’s retina. It’s a fascinating process that uses light waves to create an incredibly detailed image, allowing our optometrists to spot small eye problems. Your child can also take a look at their scan to learn more about their own eyes!

Optomap is done through a process that takes a picture of the inside of your child’s eye. It uses a camera that captures a wide picture to help our optometrists identify potential eye conditions. Your child might be surprised by how much of their eyes optomap technology can see!

Fun Environment

Our office is designed to help your child feel at ease during their appointment. Our waiting room features toys, books, and games for children to enjoy during their visit. We also have a team of friendly and experienced team members who are dedicated to helping your child have a positive experience. 

Our optometrists love providing care for children and strive to help your child feel comfortable and safe throughout their exam.

Stylish Kid-Frames

If your child needs glasses, we have a wide range of stylish and age-appropriate frames to choose from. Our friendly team can help your child pick out a pair of glasses to suit their style and personality. 

We also offer a range of lens options, including scratch-resistant and UV-protective coatings, to help make your child’s glasses more durable and provide protection for their eyes.

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Contact Airdrie Family Eye Doctors today to book your child’s next fun and engaging eye exam! We are dedicated to caring for your child’s eyes, and we always strive to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your child.

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