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What Is Myopia and How Can It Affect Children?

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a refractive error that causes distant objects to appear blurry. It occurs when the shape of the eye causes light to focus incorrectly, resulting in blurred vision. Myopia is becoming increasingly common, especially among children. 

 Myopia can significantly increase the risk of sight-threatening conditions, such as retinal detachments, glaucoma and cataracts over the course of a child’s life.  Early management of myopia can help children overcome current challenges but also best protect them from future vision concerns.

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Signs of Myopia

Myopia is a common eye condition that often begins in childhood and progresses throughout adolescence. Symptoms of myopia include blurred distance vision, eye strain, and headaches. If you notice your child is squinting, sitting close to the TV, or holding books close to their face, those may be signs of myopia. In some cases, there are no signs of myopia in children so routine eye exams with an Optometrist is essential.

Myopia Risk Factors

While myopia can affect anyone, certain factors can increase a child’s risk, including: 

Genetics: Family medical history can play a significant role in the development of myopia. Children with parents who have myopia are more likely to experience nearsightedness. 

Lifestyle: Children who spend a lot of time indoors engaging in activities that require prolonged eye focus, such as reading or using electronic devices, may have a higher risk of developing myopia. Outdoor time and exposure to natural light have been shown to help reduce the risk of myopia. 

At Airdrie Family Eye Doctors, we can help you understand your child’s risk factors and develop a plan to prevent or manage their myopia.

Our Myopia Management Methods

At Airdrie Family Eye Doctors, we offer a range of myopia management methods to help slow the progression of myopia in children. Our myopia management methods include:

Multifocal Glasses & Contact Lenses

Multifocal glasses and contact lenses are designed to correct vision at multiple distances, including distance and near vision. They are commonly used to address refractive errors in children with myopia and can help slow the progression of myopia. We also offer other specialty spectacle lens options like Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) and Cylindrical Annular Refractive Elements (C.A.R.E)

Atropine eye drops are a type of medication that can be used to slow the progression of myopia. Eye drops are used once a day before bed and are often used in addition to specialty contacts or specialty glasses.

Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) is a cutting-edge optical technology designed to revolutionize the way we see the world. By strategically incorporating multiple segments with controlled defocus, D.I.M.S. enhances image sharpness and depth perception in eyecare applications. This innovative approach offers significant advantages for eyeglass lenses, improving visual clarity and comfort for wearers. D.I.M.S. represents a promising breakthrough in eyecare, providing a new level of precision and realism in correcting vision and ensuring an enhanced visual experience for everyone.

Cylindrical Annular Refractive Elements (C.A.R.E) are a cutting-edge optical innovation that holds great promise in the field of eyecare. These unique elements are designed to manipulate and control light in a way that enhances vision correction and visual comfort for individuals with specific eye conditions. With their cylindrical shape and central aperture, C.A.R.E can effectively focus light along the cylindrical axis while minimizing unwanted optical distortions. This technology has the potential to revolutionize eyeglass lenses, providing precise and personalized solutions for those with astigmatism or other vision challenges. C.A.R.E represents a significant advancement in eyecare, offering improved visual acuity and an enhanced overall visual experience for patients.

Support for Myopia

If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, it’s essential to schedule regular eye exams. We can evaluate your child’s vision and screen for myopia and other eye conditions. If your child is diagnosed with myopia, we can help you choose the right myopia management method to slow its progression.Don’t wait to take management of your child’s myopia. Schedule an appointment with Airdrie Family Eye Doctors today to help your child enjoy bright, clear vision.

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