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How Supporting Local Businesses Impacts Everyone

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of local Airdrie businesses close their doors. As a local business owner and a proud member of the Airdrie community, it makes me sad to see so many awesome Airdrie stores, restaurants, and more go under. Lately, I’ve been trying to support more local businesses and I’ve had so many great experiences.
Check out this cool infographic demonstrating the benefits of local businesses.

Written by Dr. Heather Cowie

In addition being one of our optometrists, Dr. Heather is also the owner of Airdrie Family Eye Doctors. Dr. Heather grew up in Red Deer, Alberta and completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary. She received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Waterloo and spent an ocular disease rotation at a Veteran’s Hospital in Oklahoma. Dr. Heather was elected Class President and received the Canadian Optometry Association leadership award. She currently sits on the Calgary Society of Optometrists and was awarded the 2013 Service Award from the Alberta Association of Optometry.
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