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A Personalized Vision Therapy Experience

Every person is unique, and our personalized vision therapy programs and sessions reflect that. Vision therapy is an evidence-based program to eye care that can help improve communication between your eyes and brain. 

Through vision therapy, we aim to help patients of all ages train their visual system and Through vision therapy, we aim to help patients of all ages train their visual system. This includes  improving visual skills such as those necessary for reading and learning, and regaining functions that may have been affected by neurological issues. 

It all starts with booking a vision therapy assessment. Our team is proud to help our community by offering vision therapy in Airdrie, and we look forward to meeting you!

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How Vision Therapy Can Help

Vision therapy involves an individualized treatment program our team customizes for you. Your vision therapy program may involve visual tasks and exercises that are practiced daily. Vision therapy is designed to help our patients learn, relearn, and reinforce specific visual skills. 

These visual skills can include: 

  • Eye movement accuracy
  • Focusing control
  • Eye coordination
  • Visual perceptual difficulties

The Focus of Vision Therapy

Our vision therapy programs can have a variety of different focuses depending on your needs. We work with you to customize your program to help you achieve your vision goals.

Vision & Learning Challenges

If your child is having trouble paying attention in school or having issues reading, such as skipping over words or losing their place while reading, that may be an indication of undiagnosed vision issues. We can help your children overcome learning and reading difficulties, as well as many other visual challenges, with a personalized vision therapy program.

Strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) are relatively common visual conditions that can develop in children at a young age, vision therapy can be a good option to correct these conditions.

Sports are a big part of life and can bring lots of joy, but there’s always a risk of suffering concussions while out on the ice, court, or field. Vehicle-related collisions, falls, combat injuries can also cause a brain injury, regardless of the situation, you may experience new visual challenges that affect both your work performance and your quality of life.

Vision therapy sessions can help you overcome visual challenges caused by traumatic brain injuries.

Diplopia, or double vision, occurs when your brain registers 2 of the same image. Vision therapy can help strengthen and re-align your eyes where possible to provide a single, clear image.

Myopia is a common vision condition that can develop in children at a young age. If your child is dealing with myopia, vision therapy can be a useful option to help manage myopia.

Our Vision Therapy Methods

Throughout your vision therapy program, we may implement different vision therapy methods to help maximize your results!

Binocular Vision Therapy

Binocular vision therapy can help manage conditions like strabismus and amblyopia by training your eyes to work together. Vision therapy can help your eyes converge and turn in toward your nose, aiding vision and perception.

Accommodation is an essential visual skill contributing to learning and tasks like reading and using computers. Accommodative therapy can help address your child’s focusing skills.
Our vision therapy services can help your children create new pathways in their visual system to improve a variety of visual skills.

Eye tracking is your eyes’ ability to track from left to right efficiently and follow moving objects. Eye tracking can contribute to classroom success and even athletic performance.
Your customized vision therapy program can help strengthen the eye-brain connection related to eye tracking through specific exercises focused on moving smoothly from one place to another.

Visual perception is simply how your brain interprets and processes visual information. A visual perception deficit can cause problems in the classroom, out on the field, and even in daily life.
A personalized vision therapy plan can help individuals focus and improve their visual processing speed.

Your Personalized Program Awaits

Our team is passionate about vision therapy, and we want to help your family’s vision stay strong through personalized vision therapy services. Vision therapy can not only help polish critical visual skills but can be essential to improving a person’s overall quality of life.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and find out if vision therapy is a good option for you!

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