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What is Myopia?

Myopia is a common refractive error also known as nearsightedness. Patients with myopia cannot clearly see objects that are far away. The distance at which patients lose clarity varies from case to case.

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long in proportion to the curvature of the cornea, causing light to focus at a point just in front of the retina, rather than directly on the retina.

Childhood myopia is at an all time high and still climbing. Every year, more children are experiencing myopia at a younger age. There is research to suggest that this is due to children spending more time in front of computer and television screens, and less time playing outside. It is always a good idea to encourage kids to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when it could help preserve their vision in the future!

Myopia Control Could Mean a Clearer Future For Your Child

Myopia (nearsightedness) is one of the most common eye issues kids experience. And unfortunately, cases of childhood myopia tend to get worse with time, offering less and less distance clarity as they age. But you do not have to resign yourself to a reality of ever-increasing prescriptions. Myopia control can slow or prevent the progression of childhood myopia.

Request an appointment in Airdrie and find out if myopia control is an option for your child.

How Does Myopia Control Work?

Myopia control uses a variety of methods to make gentle changes to the structure of the eye and help it function in a way that minimises strain, as eye strain can be one of the chief contributors to the progression of myopia.

At Airdrie Family Eye Doctors, we use multifocal glasses and contact lenses as a means of controlling myopia.

Multiple studies have been conducted, measuring the success of multifocal contact lenses to control myopia, all of which have found it to be effective. One study found that children using multifocal contact lenses experienced 25% less myopia progression than children who were not using them over a span of 2 years.

Instead of just applying one prescription to a child’s entire range of vision (offering more clarity for distance vision, but potentially less for near-work) multifocal lenses offer various levels of prescription in different areas of the lens. This allows children to see more clearly at all distances, reducing eye strain.

Myopia control is not a cure; it simply keeps the condition from getting worse. And while myopia tends to progress in children, it does not often get steadily worse in adults. As a result, not many studies have been conducted measuring the success or potential for myopia control with adults.

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