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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a program of evidence-based activities designed to improve communication between a patient’s eyes and brain, to help patients learn to use their visual system better, and to help patients regain functions they might have lost through ocular disease or neurological issues.

By booking a vision therapy session, you can start receiving treatment to help mitigate your eye health symptoms and have the vision you have always wanted.

What Vision Therapy Can Treat

Do your eyes often feel fatigued after visual tasks, like staring at a screen or driving for a long time? Vision therapy can help you reduce headaches, neck pain, and other symptoms of eye strain. Regain comfort in your vision by training you in techniques to keep your eyes moistened and relaxed.

​​If you find that you or your child is having difficulty maintaining attention in school or might be skipping over words while reading, then you might have an undiagnosed visual condition. Vision therapy can help children with reading and learning difficulties. Talk to your optometrist to see if vision therapy is right for your child.

Strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) are relatively common visual conditions that tend to develop when you are still a newborn. Usually the condition corrects itself as you grow older, but if you find that you or your child is still suffering from one of these conditions, then you can see if vision therapy is the right choice for you.

Sports can bring a lot of joy to your life, but there is always a risk of suffering from traumatic injuries while on the playing field. If you have suffered an injury to the brain, you might have some visual conditions preventing you from playing at the top of your game. Book your vision therapy session today and get your eyesight back to a place where you can dominate the field once again.

Myopia is one of the most common visual conditions on the planet, and often starts to develop when you are still a child. If you are suffering from myopia, book a vision therapy appointment today. Your treatment could help you see better and further than ever before.

Do you experience double vision? Double vision occurs when your brain registers 2 of the same image. You should see your optometrist as soon as you can if you “see double” because you could benefit from vision therapy techniques.


20/20 vision only means a person can see clearly. It doesn’t mean their visual system doesn’t need support.

Your visual system is more than just your sight. It includes eye teaming, tracking, focusing, visual efficiency, visual perception, and any activity that involves your eyes and brain. Vision therapy can help strengthen these skills.

Vision therapy is designed for anyone who experiences issues with their visual system. This could be rehabilitating the visual system, reducing symptoms associated with conditions like ADHD and dyslexia, or make daily tasks like reading or driving easier.

Your vision therapy program is designed to fit your unique needs in one-on-one sessions with our team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Book Your Vision Therapy Session Today

It is never too late to start improving your vision, and vision therapy can help you regain the strengths you want back.

Book your appointment today and find out what vision therapy can do for you.

Our Registered Vision Therapy Program

Patients of all ages can benefit from our registered vision therapy program. We can help you with visual difficulties of all kinds through our personalized program. Click through and learn more about our vision therapy program today!

Anyone and everyone can benefit from vision therapy! However, it is most helpful for people who are struggling with reading or learning, have an eye turn or trouble focusing, have had a traumatic brain injury, or who want to improve their athletic performance.

Vision therapy is not just for children. Adults can also benefit from the program—it just may take a little longer to re-train the visual systems of adults. The longer you have had your visual difficulty, the more “practice” your eyes have had doing it your way. But we can still help!

Give us a call and book an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for vision therapy.

Your child may be a candidate for our registered vision therapy program if:

  • They are struggling in school
  • They have an eye turn
  • They have been diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD

It is important to note that vision therapy will not cure dyslexia or ADHD, but our program may help your child manage them more easily and struggle less with learning and other daily tasks. Sometimes, children with visual difficulties are misdiagnosed with these conditions.

Parents, you and your child can take our questionnaire together to determine if vision therapy is the right course of action. Then, give us a call to book your appointment. 

How Our Program Works

We begin with 1 or 2 initial assessments—a binocular vision assessment and a perceptual assessment—each 1 hour in length. Every vision therapy patient will need a binocular vision assessment, but only some will need the perceptual assessment. Our team will determine what is required when you contact our clinic to register.

These assessments provide us with baseline information about the visual system and help us tailor a program specific to the patient. They also give us the information we need to assist in getting coverage from your insurance company.

Before beginning, we require new patients to fill out our questionnaire. Once complete, if vision therapy is appropriate, we will begin treatment.

Patients come in every week for a 45-minute session. Between each session, there will be 10-15 minutes of homework each night. We will begin with the basics and work our way up to more difficult visual tasks. This is how we re-train the visual system!

Get in touch with us and get started today.

After finishing our vision therapy program, you can expect:

  • Improved vision!
  • Better learning and reading
  • Reduction or elimination of an eye turn
  • Reduction or elimination of concussion symptoms

Our standard vision therapy program is 40 weeks in length. Some patients may require less time, and others may require more. It can be difficult to judge the exact length that is right for each patient, but in general, the longer the vision issue has been present, the longer re-training the visual system will take.

Sometimes, depending on the issue and the person, a second course of vision therapy may be needed a few years after the first. This second session could be shorter, and it could also be longer. Everyone is different, and our program is personalized. Get in touch with our team to let us customize a program for you or your child. 

If you have not been to our clinic before, we recommend coming in for a complete eye exam with Dr. Franco prior to having a binocular vision or perceptual assessment. For current patients, Dr. Franco will let you know if you need to proceed with either of the assessments.

Referrals are welcome and appreciated. School administrators, therapists, and other professionals are welcome to contact our clinic for a referral package.

All vision therapy patients will need to take our questionnaire prior to their first appointment.

Get started with vision therapy today! Book your appointment.

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