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You Don’t Have To Live A Life Without Colour

Colour blindness is a common issue, particularly among adult men. This is due to genetics. But with EnChroma technology, you can correct your vision to experience the world in full colour.

Some people are colour deficient and don’t realize how severe it is – some don’t know at all. Take the colour blindness test to find out if EnChroma could open up possibilities for you. This brief test will determine how severe your colour deficiency is within 2 minutes.

How it Works

EnChroma works by filtering out specific wavelengths of light. This helps individuals who have the type of visual colour deficiency where cones – the cells within our eyes that see colour – respond to more than one kind of light and cause different colours to be perceived as similar, as demonstrated above.

Colour Blindness: The EnChroma Difference

For individuals with this kind of colour-blindness, EnChroma is revolutionary. Many people understate the effect of colour deficiency, but for those who can see the difference, it’s truly miraculous.

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