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Lifelong Vision Care

Your eyesight is one of your most precious and underrated resources. For most of us, vision is key to mobility, our professions, enjoying art, and just generally experiencing the beautiful world around us. Getting regular eye health exams is the best way to keep your eyes healthy and in working order.

We recommend booking an appointment with us every year.

What to Expect from our Eye Health Exams?

Caring Team

Everyone in our clinic is passionate about eye care and customer service. From the moment you walk in, until the second you leave, you’ll encounter nothing but exceptional eye care, honest advice, and warm, friendly service. We’ll take as much time as you need to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Advanced Technology

Did you know that most eye diseases do not show any symptoms until they’ve already caused permanent damage? We use some of the most advanced technology and testing procedures in the eye care industry, empowering us to take a proactive approach to eye care. Our eye health exams are designed to detect signs of eye diseases and conditions long before they impact your vision.

Comprehensive Eye Health Evaluation

We want to make sure you see as much of the world as possible as clearly as you possibly can. By testing your field of vision, peripheral vision, acuity, and focus power, we can determine what you’re seeing and what you’re missing. From there, we can prescribe treatments and whatever corrective options you need.

Direct Billing

We want to make your visit as simple and convenient as possible. That’s why we offer direct billing with the following providers:

  • 1st Nations, 3M. AISH, Medavie Blue Cross
  • Alberta Healthcare, Alberta Blue Cross, Canada Blue Cross
  • SSQ Financial group, Chamber of Commerce
  • Claims Xchange, Desjardins, Canada Life
  • Greenshield, Industrial Alliance
  • Manulife, Maximum Benefit- Johnston Group
  • RCMP, Securo-Vision, Standard Life
  • Steel Workers, Sunlife Financial
  • Interim Federal Health program, Veterans Affairs

Screening For Eye Disease

Advanced age increases your chance of developing a number of eye conditions. We use our special diagnostic equipment to look for signs of these and other eye diseases.

Glaucoma is a disease typically associated with high intraocular pressure (IOP) causing damage to the optic nerve. Most cases of glaucoma develop slowly with no noticeable symptoms aside from a gradual loss of vision. By the time the patient realises their vision has changed, the disease has already caused significant permanent damage.

The best way to diagnose and treat glaucoma in the early stages is through regular eye health exams.

The macula is a small area of the retina responsible for seeing fine details in your central vision. As we age, deposits called drusen or scarring from damaged blood vessels can cause the macular tissue to start to decay. This is called age-related macular degeneration or AMD. As a result, patients begin to experience irreversible vision loss. Victims of AMD seldom notice any other symptoms.

The best way to diagnose and treat AMD in the early stages is through regular eye health exams.

Your eye’s natural lens is made of proteins and water. As we age, the proteins restructure, resulting in an increasingly cloudy and opaque lens. This is called a cataract, and it is one of the most common eye conditions. Cataracts can be reversed with a relatively simple surgery.

The best way to know when you can benefit from cataract surgery is through regular eye health exams.

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Our gallery is stocked with over 700 pairs of quality, stylish frames. We carry some of the most trusted brands in the world, including Oakley, Ray Ban, Etnia Barcelona, D&G, and more! With a selection like ours, you know you’ll find frames that are totally uniquely you.

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You Don’t Have to Live With Dry Eye

As frustrating and uncomfortable as dry eye can be, there is help! We are specially equipped to diagnose and treat dry eye. Using our advanced diagnostic tests and years of expertise, Airdrie Family Eye Doctors will be able to give you the relief you crave.

Interested in alleviating your dry eye? Of course you are! Book an appointment for an eye health exam today to get started.

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