Sport and Sunwear

One of the most powerful eye preventative health habits is protecting your eyes from UV rays. Our Optometrists believe strongly in preserving vision for life and sunglasses play a big role in achieving this goal. We offer a variety of sun protection options that will suit your work and recreation needs. Our clinic carries prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Polarized lenses offer a superior level of vision and comfort for many athletes and drivers. Transition lenses can offer a level of convenience as these lenses automatically darken when worn outside but are clear while inside. We are the exclusive Airdrie distributor of Julbo sunglasses for babies. Young eyes are most vulnerable to UV damage and therefore it is very important for children to have good quality sun protection. Our baby sunglasses are designed to be tough. They are reversible and have no hinges with an optional head strap. Julbo sunglasses offer exceptional coverage & comfort with their wrap-around design and high grade UV protection lenses.