Eye Health: Over 40

Most of us will have vision changes in our forties. Most commonly, focusing up close will be gradually more and more difficult. This is a normal age-related change that occurs because of changes to the lens inside our eyes, this condition is called presbyopia. Good lighting is necessary to help focus on small print and often moving print further away from our eyes will help clear it up. If you are experiencing these symptoms, come and see one of our Optometrists because there are so many options to correct for these changes.

Progressive Glasses can be a phenomenal option to address presbyopia. There is a huge variety of types of progressive lenses and it is important for your Optometrist to recommend one that is best suited to you, your prescription and your lifestyle.

Computer Glasses can provide optimal intermediate and near vision. These specialized glasses, also called "office lenses" are a secondary task-specific glasses that allows for comfortable vision for patients who spend significant time in front of a computer.

Reading Glasses can help with near vision but will need to be removed for driving and walking around.

There are contact lens options as well for presbyopia that your Optometrist can review with you.